The creation of website content should be based on two underlying principles: the content must be appealing for human readers, and the content must be optimized for search engine algorithms. Understanding the importance of each element is essential, and streamlining your website to take advantage of the ranking system can make or break your business. While each principle should be handled separately, new advancements in search engine algorithms are connecting the two together, and making SEO an absolute essential part of any internet marketing campaign.

SEO is Essential

Being on the second or third page of google or yahoo means you are not only missing opportunities, but loosing market share to your competitors that are consistently investing in optimizing their pages for search engines.The difference between the second and first page of any given search is monumental, and often times, consumers will revise their search criteria before resorting to the second page. Ranking within the top 3 sites for given keyword searches can put you miles ahead of your competitors and transform your online business.

SEO is Effective

Gone are the days when consumers look up a products or services in yellow pages, search through the clutter, and make a decision. Search engines have long since replaced traditional directories, and they have become the most effective way to reach targeted or even global markets. Generating and incredible amount of traffic, they provide data and metrics giving business owners insights on how customers search, and what they search for.

SEO is Affordable

SEO is not a cost; it is an investment which if done right, can yield incredible returns. In terms of ROI, search engine optimization tops pretty much all traditional offline and online advertising. Your rankings are present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and maintain their position with periodic maintenance. Considering the price of other marketing options, SEO yields the highest value for its cost.

SEO is Credible

Appearing on the first page of google with the likes of large corporations and established brands, your own brand will gain credibility and the trust of your customers. Once there, your website’s title and meta description tags can telegraph powerful signals, and reinforce your message. Being in the top rankings alone gives consumers the impression that you are the industry leader and that you are trustworthy and credible enough to warrant their business.

Understanding and viewing SEO as a long term strategy is vital. While SEO can deliver quick results, it’s main advantage over other marketing mediums is that it delivers ongoing ROI over the long term. Organic search engine results can also be combined with other strategies to bring your business more qualified leads and customers. Boosting brand value, credibility, traffic and providing a high ROI, search engine optimization opens up new avenues, and ranks you on the worlds most current directory.